Sunday, September 7, 2008

i've moved ;)

i have moved my blog to, yes you guessed it, wordpress :)

dakota mentioned that wordpress seemed to offer more options and she kind of wanted us to move over there... and she is a maniac with the metrics, LOVES to pour over them and contemplate our viewers from wide and far - if you are a viewer from wide and far and have not introduced yourself, go on... say hello!

aaaaanyway, i of course went right out and signed up the name of each of our blogs and just this weekend had the inclination to bring mine over. i think she will bring hers over soon. i am a geek this way, all she has to say is - hey, do you think we could make it do (blank) and i am off and running trying to find a way...

soooo, from here on out you can find me at

update your google reader and come up and see me sometime ;) i will be posting a new post there later tonight... i know, like you don't all have enough to do than to follow me all around blogland.

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