Thursday, July 10, 2008

some gems we have found along the way, yes i mean you!

what an interesting time this has been... i am preparing to travel to produce a meeting for work and realized that last year when i went on this same trip, i packed my clearblue ovulation monitor for the first time. it has been a year now (12 months!) that i have been POAS almost daily, more for dakota. we started the spermification process in earnest january '08, so we are now 7 months in (a mere drop in the bucket, i know). mostly we have been focusing on getting dakota pregnant, and she has gotten pregnant twice and lost them both early on, and it is the second round, as she also tried a few years back - before we met - and had 2 other pregnancies heartbreakingly lost, though she says it must have been because *our* children were waiting for her to find me... is there anyone better than her??

we both have really been loving reading everyone's stories in blog land. it's so nice to meet you!

in our endless googling and digging about on the web, we came across some interesting items i wanted to share with y'all... even though you all are the biggest gems! [and frankly, you have probably seen all of this before]

i came across these images of what ovulation actually looks like - you can see the difference between the follicle and the egg - something i was never quite able to grasp.
pictures of ovulation occuring

and a video description of what happens in an ivf harvest and transfer... strangely more instructive than our own RE was in the first 3 conversations about ivf.
video description of ivf

stirrup queens blog - if you've been there, you know what i mean! if not, well check it out...
amazing blog with more ttc info than i have ever seen in one place

and for the lingo, mrs. bluemonts house of things - no better list of ttc lingo out there :)
ttc lingo

thanks for welcoming us to the neighborhood.
xo mulberry


Melody said...

Came over from Stirrup Queens. My partner and I have been through 2 rounds of IVF-- one ill-fated round using my eggs (crashed and burned, but I think now it was really stress-related) and one semi-successful one with her embryo put back in my body that resulted in a BFP but ended in a chemical pregnancy. We have since learned that I am alloimmune and were successful on the next stimmed IUI cycle using my body and adding blood thinners. We've kind of done it all. Nice to meet you. We blog at

Heidi said...

Welcome to the Stirrup Queens blogroll!! I'm Heidi, I'm your clicker (I am so lucky to get to read your blog and report back to everyone when you have good news to share, or need love and support)

Good luck with your upcoming IVF, I look forward to reading all about it!

Anonymous said...

welcome to blogland!!!!