Wednesday, July 23, 2008

yay vacation days!

i am feeling much less stressed, thanks for the comments online and off...

work events are over, they went well... and i have been officially *on vacation* for 2 days! the weather is beautiful and i have been visting with family and a couple friends and relaxing. i am going with my parents this afternoon to help them to pick out a kitty (or maybe 2) at the pound. their kitty died a month or so ago and they really miss having a furry companion. i don't think they have been without one since, wow... i can't think of when that would be... there has been overlap with every pet back to since i was born! no wonder my mom is so out of sorts... well in any case, it should be a good day :)

ovulated today - nice to see that my body is getting back in the swing after last month's 60 day cycle :) dakota is going to accupuncture while i am away and getting her eggs in tip top shape and the train moves slowly on.

so excited to see all the pink lines and digital exclamations out there is babymakingblogland. you all are an inspiration!

perhaps i will have a chance to write more later... off to go shopping!


Lizzie said...

Enjoy your vacation!!
Glad your body is cooperating & your sweetie is getting ready .... !

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Enjoy these days of freedom and Yah for ovulation!
You know, my mom's cat died about 2 weeks ago and they have never been without a cat either, there was always an overlap. It's so hard for her, so I understand. Picking out kittens sounds all sorts of fun--post pics!!!

Eva said...

Vacations are amazing aren't they? And let's hear it for acupunture. Glad to hear things are progressing for you gals. Keep the faith.