Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#3 rules the day

first off let me just say that reading the comments you gals left on my last post has been so helpful and calming...

well let me say it this way, thanks for helping me to see/embrace/admit that i am confused and overwhelmed because what we are trying to navigate is knots-in-your-stomach confusing and mind-numbingly overwhelming. not, for example, because i am not paying enough attention, or being indecisive, or i don't know... some other embarrassingly degraded reason i could come up with. so again, thank you, thank you, thank you, you lovely women you!

here is what the doctor said... she thinks that option #3 rules the day (with option #1 being second best and option #2 being a distant final option).

that means (brace your selves for the mind searing details ladies):

* i do the first round of stimulation (starting this week) so that we can harvest and freeze a round of my eggs/embryos (we have opted to not have dakota do a harvest in this round because fresh transfer is best and our insurance will cover three rounds of harvest - we are holding out for the ability to do three rounds of fresh transfer from her if we need to go three rounds. we will freeze anything that is good and does not get used in the fresh transfers)

* then during second cycle, dakota does stimulation and harvest (i do no more harvests, just gear up for receiving embryos - stay on meds to be sync'd and ready). we do fresh transfer from dakota to me during this second cycle. (we hope this part of the dance ends here in pregnancy, but we will rinse and repeat from this spot as needed).

* we keep my eggs/embryos frozen for future use even though the quality is not ideal with them frozen (we think that frozen, one year younger embryos will be better than one year older eggs for us at this stage)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys... sounds like a great plan. You must feel haapy to have a plan, and Its so great that both you and the doc have the same ideas as to what the best approach is! So when do you this party started???

Heidi said...

psst, please check my blog.l

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a solid and good plan. This whole process has so many emotions how could it not be hard to express it sometimes. I am sorry I have not been commenting too much.. .but it sounds like you have it all sorted out and a really good plan. It must feel good that the plan starts this week too.

Lizzie said...

I am so excited that you guys have a plan (not to mention insurance - JEALOUS) and that you are both involved, and truly creating your children together. I love it. No matter whose eggs in the end, you built this family together. Totally radical. Totally admire it. And am TOTALLY EXCITED that soon you will be underway.