Saturday, August 23, 2008

pufferfish is gonna be puffin' up

yes, pufferfish is pregnant, and now a *married lady*!

i just had to shout it from the hills because i am SO SO SO happy for them both and it gives me hope to keep keeping on...

we are still in the depths of insurance denial hell, full of how will we manage to *pay* for the transfers to me (i was informed yesterday that even the *less expensive* part of the whole shebang costs more than i had imagined) since they won't cover *anything* ivf related for ME. (all of this is, of course, assuming that we can get the evil insurance people to pay for the retrievals from dakota) is there any way to do this and not go into more debt than we already have accumulated in our lives. it almost manages to momentarily push aside the ever loooming, can we can get pregnant at all in the first damn place??

we took a walk to the park last night and sat and talked and cried and loved through our painful moments. the this morning we did it all again, wrapped in our delicious covers... i little less crying and more of the good loving parts ;) i love my sweet sweet dakota.

all this to say that one of our tribe has come out of the dark cave pregnant! yay pufferfish and we, well, we will follow you into the light.


tbean said...

fucking bastard insurance pieces of shit

(just had to get that rant off my chest on your behalf)

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry that you are having to battle so much with insurance. It is extremely unfair how insurance works in this country. I am happy to hear you guys are being so sweet and kind and loving to eachother. That has got to help quite a bit. xo L.