Tuesday, August 5, 2008

dear dr... options, details, questions

hello blog compatriots -

for those of you who are into process, i thought i would show you the email/letter that came of the cuddling confab that dakota and i had on sunday night.

i sent this (very detailed) email to our doc this morning (she is best with email, so far it works ok.) we will let you know what she says.

i think we are leaning towards option 3 ourselves - though it would delay actual transfer of any embryos for *at least* another cycle, it covers more bases... JEEZE THIS IS HARD TO NAIL DOWN... and truly, i know we have talked about this 100 times before and yet, it seems impossible to get our heads around the details.

in it you will see all the optimism of two gals who hope to have not only one baby, but two (even though i am, count them, 41 years of age). we figure, why not shoot for what we really want while embracing the life that takes shape around us.


dear dr -

hope you had a good july!

we have some logistic questions for you as we gear up for ivf - hoping to kick off this week...

where we are in our cycles now:
dakota is CD12 (expecting her period around end of month)
mulberry is CD34 (expecting her period on 8/7/08)

we are continuing to review the ways for us to approach ivf. these are the things we are considering in making our decision:

- for now, we have ruled out dakota carrying (we will see if we come back to that at a later date). we are going to focus only on mulberry carrying.
- we want to conceive our first baby with dakota's eggs, if at all possible
- while we want to use dakota's eggs first, we are concerned that if it takes a while to get pregnant with dakota's eggs and then all goes well and we carry to term, it will be another year or more of aging for mulberry's eggs by the time we get to trying for another baby using mulberry's eggs.
- mulberry is VERY sensitive to all medications (a real canary in the coal mine) and we would like to limit the meds mulberry is on when at all possible.
- while we want to look at preparation for possible future babies, we do *not* want that focus, in any way, to get in the way of doing what we need to do to get pregnant with a *first* baby.

can you tell us what the process would be to do each of the options below? and, importantly, your thoughts on what way gives us the *best* chances at this moment?

option #1) dakota goes through stimulation and harvest of eggs and mulberry does *not* do stimulation (so, no egg harvest for mulberry) but mulberry is on what ever drugs needed to sync up with dakota to allow for a fresh transfer on this first cycle.

what meds would be needed for each of us and what would the timeline be? this one obviously requires syncing our cycles. i know we have discussed this before briefly, but we are less than clear on the actual logistics. what is the blow by blow process on how we would do that, given *where we are in our cycles at the moment*?

option #2) dakota goes through stimulation and harvest of eggs and mulberry also does stimulation (so both can freeze eggs) no transfer on this cycle. we would then do a frozen transfer the following cycle when mulberry has *not* just gone through stimulation.

what meds would be needed for each of us and what would the timeline be?

option #3) mulberry does the first round of stimulation so she can harvest and freeze a round of eggs and then during second cycle, dakota does stimulation and harvest. we do fresh transfer during this second cycle to mulberry who would need to be sync'd up to receive the transfer.

what meds would be needed for each of us and what would the timeline be?

do you see another option that would be better for us to consider?? we are hoping to kick things off with mulberry's period that is due this week, thursday.

we look forward to your thoughts via email. let us know if you feel we should plan a time to meet with you in person as well to discuss.

thank you so much!

-- mulberry and dakota


Eva said...

wow. There's a lot to think about, gals! If option 3 is viable it seems like the best option, although, of course, I'm not a medical professional...I only pretend to be on one on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow-- what a lot of things to think about! We have thought about using my parnter's eggs and me carrying too, but at this point have decided against it (we are in our early 30's and feel like we can keep trying a bit longer). I think its such an exciting idea, to carry the baby that is biologically, of Jen, but would be really excited for her to carry child #3 for us instead (or plan).

I look forward to hearing what the Dr. says!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Whew, no wonder you are confused. That's a lot to think about and so many different variables. How old is Dakota?
Very interested to hear what the RE says...

tbean said...

My head kinda hurts thinking about all those options. I hope your doc gets back to you quickly and you settle on a plan that is good for everyone. Good luck!